Shadow and Ash
A spooky freeware adventure game for Windows PC where you are the main character.

Screenshot of Shadow and Ash title screen. Screenshot of cabin.
Screenshot of map.
Screenshot of maze.

You were supposed to have a relaxing weekend getaway in a rental cabin out in the country. But when a weird object is found nearby, it leads you on a dark path of vexing questions. To answer them, you'll need to navigate an ever darkening forest, find hidden clues, and endure strange visitations. Ultimately you'll face a wicked conundrum thought long forgotten. The true mystery of your situation may even require an altered perception of reality to solve.

Ardent recommends playing Shadow and Ash late at night, alone, in a darkened room, with headphones.
Shadow and Ash has very low system requirements. As long as you have a Windows PC and a monitor capable of displaying 1280x720 resolution, you should be fine.

This game is freely downloadable from the following providers:

File Dropper





(If these links go down and you can't download Shadow and Ash, please let Ardent know via the email contact below.)

Shadow and Ash is a virus free game. It has been certified as such by VirusTotal:

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If your antivirus says there's a virus in this game, your antivirus is detecting a false positive. (
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Disclaimer: By downloading and running Ardent software, you accept that Ardent and its developers cannot be found liable for any personal damages incurred thereof, and in doing so absolve Ardent and its developers from any potential legal repercussions. Shadow and Ash is freeware; it is not to be sold by any third party, hosted outside this website, or included in any gaming compilation without prior written consent from Ardent.

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